1. All teams guaranteed 3 games*
2. Teams will be grouped competitively
3. US Lacrosse Certified Officials
3. Final game will end by 8pm*


1. All games will be officiated using the 2018 US Lacrosse Girls Lacrosse Rulebook (NHFS endorsed) with modified game-time
2. Each game consists of two 20 minute running time halves with a 2 minute halftime
3. Each team will have 0 timeouts
4. All games will start and stop on one central horn
5. Games will run on forty-five (45) minute increments
7. All teams should be warmed up and ready to take the field for the next game (Helmets required during pregame warm-up and practice time)
*Tournament Director reserves the right to alter game length and schedule in the event of schedule delays due to weather. Schedule changes will be communicated via Tourney Machine

1. Tie games will immediately go to a 2 minute sudden-death overtime beginning with a faceoff

Age and Roster Regulations

1. All participants and coaches must be current registered members of US Lacrosse
2. Every participant must submit an online waiver prior to the tournament in order to participate
3. Every team administrator must submit their team roster prior to the tournament. Team rosters must include each player’s date of birth, graduation year, and all player and coaches’ US Lacrosse Membership #.
4. Violation of these regulations may result in forfeiture of games

Code of Conduct

1. The Jersey Draw Showcase has a zero tolerance policy for the following actions which will result in ejection from the tournament
a. Fighting
b. Abusive language
c. Any actions deemed excessively unsportsmanlike by a player, coach or fan
*The Tournament Director will make the final decision on all disciplinary decisions including tournament ejections. Any player, fan, or coach who is ejected must leave the venue with no refund

Facility Rules

1. No dogs, with the exception of service animals
2. No alcohol
3. No grills
4. No RV’s
5. No staked tents, pop-ups only

Tournament Cancellation/Weather Policy

1. Schedule changes will be communicated via Tourney Machine
2. Play will be suspended if thunder is heard or there is a lightning strike within 10 miles of the facility. We will resume play 30 minutes after the last lightning strike in the area. The signal for thunder/lightning will be 4 air horns. Upon hearing this, all participants and spectators will be instructed to move to their vehicles.
3. In the event an excessive heat warning is issued by the National Weather Service, tournament personnel reserve the right to institute mandatory water breaks during game play when necessary
4. If any games are canceled due to weather conditions, the scores will be recorded as they stand when the game ended
*Weather dependent


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